GLOBALedit Export Plug-in for Aperture

GLOBALedit Export Plug-in for Aperture 1.0

Upload images from Aperture to GLOBALedit


  • Simplifies exporting to GLOBALedit


  • Upload time can vary


This plugin is aimed at professional photographers looking to upload their photo libraries from Aperture to the GLOBALedit online digital site. The plugin offers up a all necessary export features in a simple interface, where you'll be able to create new jobs or upload your exiisting collections to GLOBALedit. The great advantage of having it set up is that you never need to leave the Aperture interface and can keep working on your photos while others are being uploaded to GLOBALedit.

Upload times can vary depending on the amount of photos you're uploading and the type of internet connection you have. However if you work both with Aperture and GLOBALedit, this plugin should greatly improve your workflow. Once on the GLOBALedit site, you'll be able to collaborate with other photographers, edit your photos and much more.

An essential plugin for anyone working with Aperture and GLOBALedit.

Securely upload digital photography directly from Aperture to GLOBALedit. The customized export interface allows clients to create new jobs, update existing collections and transfer photography from the desktop into the networked enterprise workflow.

Once uploaded to GLOBALedit, image collections are globally available for editing, talent approval, image distribution, contact sheet creation, image markups and retouching notes, FPO and layout creation, metadata services, fulfillment services, and long-term archiving. Designed by digital workflow pioneers and built on a secure and scalable infrastructure, GLOBALedit is an indispensable solution for professionals and enterprises looking to capture and harvest the value contained within expanding content libraries.

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GLOBALedit Export Plug-in for Aperture


GLOBALedit Export Plug-in for Aperture 1.0

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